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Spring 2019 | S TAT I O N E R Y T R E N D S 34 Baby The nursery has assumed more importance than ever as its evolved from a room for rest and feeding into a backdrop for social media photography, emphasized Ellen Fruchtman, spokesperson, Mud Pie. "With baby we think it's important to pay attention to social trends, as well as design," echoed Molly Covert, creative director, Page Stationery. "We will be releasing baby updates that are more gender neutral and a bit more trend focused. We are seeing brighter colors, neon, as well as fresh interpretations of classic monograms." What's Hot: "In the space where the baby and gift markets intersect, what continues to be hot is graphics that speak to the parent's interests," observed Heidi Bauer, co-founder, Rock Scissor Paper. "There's nothing quite like finding a baby onesie to gift parents-to-be, that somehow reflects their hobbies, values, passions or heritage." Tried and True: "We love sweet, timeless baby themes like safari animals, twinkle stars, bunnies and bears," stated Fruchtman. "We reinvent them each season so they are always fresh and have a modern twist. But our baby collection is never complete without whimsical icons like unicorns, mermaids, pirates and sharks." Reinterpreting the classics is key. "A monogram is always in demand so we wanted to explore how we approach this and keep it inspiring," underlined Covert. Whatever the icon in question, "new color palettes and an injection of sweet humor is what keeps them fresh," agreed Bauer. Designer Quote: "We are constantly inspired by the idea of letting children be who they are by creating gender neutral designs, primarily by using a color palette that isn't pointedly 'boy' or 'girl.'" — Heidi Bauer, Rock Scissor Paper Lacelit. Circle 156. Magic Forest. Circle 157. Rock Scissor Paper. Circle 158. Mud Pie. Circle 159. Bella Tunno. Circle 160. A Lovely Little Company. Circle 161.

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