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LYNN M. JONES Just My Type Letterpress Aesthetic of the Line? Hand-carved linoleum block illustrations that are both bold and detailed, printed on vintage letterpress machinery. Current Bestseller? The Banana Slug vinyl sticker is the No. 1 best-seller in our retail store. Personal Favorite? It's Complicated Platypus. A detailed block, my hand-lettering, and clever wording that can be used in many situations. Surprise Hit? Linocut Trees, boxed set of four. This set includes digital reproductions of four of my large linocuts in card form. Iconic Selection? Cat —Full Length. That's my cat, Lucy. She's perfect for linocut: black and white, and full of personality! Favorite Color? Charcoal grey. My husband rolls his eyes whenever I bring home another grey sweater. :) Current Design Obsession? Watching videos of master crafters do their thing, especially ceramicists, sign painters and calligraphers. Favorite Flower? The Cecile Brunner climbing rose. My grandmother had them all over her back fence: a wonderful scent, the palest pink and TONS of blooms. Favorite Indulgence? Ice cream! BRITTANY PAIGE Brittany Paige Aesthetic of the Line? Our stationery and gift products have a strong focus on hand-lettered messaging and bold illustration. Our voice tends to be witty, unapologetic, empowered and usually (just a bit) sarcastic. The designs are inspired by city living, pop culture and femninist values. Current Bestseller? Our Getting Older is Schitty Birthday Card has been flying. Our customers love it. Personal Favorite? Call me a millennial, but our Side Parts & Skinny Jeans Card is definitely my favorite right now. Surprise Hit? Bernie Birthday Mood Card (and matching sticker!). We reacted within 24 hours of the inauguration and he's been selling like crazy ever since. Iconic Selection? Boss Babe Knuckles Card! It was one of our first designs and we've put it on pretty much everything: tote, pouch, sticker and enamel pin. Favorite Color? This might be surprising based on the amount of millennial pink in our branding … but it's actually black. Always black, for everything. Current Design Obsession? I'm a graphic designer by trade so I'm always geeking out on the latest font trends. But if I had to choose, I'm currently obsessed with the evolution of hand lettering over the last few years. We're starting to see a lot of new styles and trends come in, as we move further away from traditional, crafty calligraphy. Favorite Flower? To be honest, I'm not really a flower kind of girl. Would much prefer chocolate and/or cash. Favorite Indulgence? Online shopping, crappy CW shows and really good NYC restaurants. Circle 180 Circle 179 Winter 2022 | S TAT I O N E R Y T R E N D S 34 34

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