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Summer 2018 | S TAT I O N E R Y T R E N D S 18 It's hard to believe this that trend has been going strong since Fall 2012 — yet it feels as new now as it did nearly six years ago! There is something about darkening the background that immediately adds an expensive vibe, not to mention a bit of surprise. While colors still play a role in the foreground, pair designs that feature metallics, whites and natural materials like wood and kraft envelopes for an effect that's utterly mesmerizing! Back in Black T R E N D S : T H E N & N O W THEN: 2012 DESIGNS ON BLACK 1. CARTE greeting card by Charlotte Day from Calypso Cards reads, "It's your Birthday! Enjoy the nightlife!" 2. From Fringe, white peony tray serves both decorative and functional purposes. 3. From Banquet Atelier & Workshop, Black Milles Fleur Gift Wrap is 19 by 27 inches and printed on 100 percent recycled paper. 4. Chronicle Books has expanded its Art of Instruction range to include both the notebook collection shown as well as a postcard set. 5. From Rifle Paper Co., Midnight Floral wrapping sheets are available as single sheets or rolls of two. 3 4 5 2 1

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